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Oodl is a digital twin ecosystem utilising IoT and Machine Learning to create a live, digital representation. Giving intuitive access to live and historic data, even forecasting future state using Oodl learning technology.

01 / Secure

Data security is Oodl's number one priority. Data is secured in multiple layers from the firmware, through the communications layer and in to the Oodl cloud where the data resides.

02 / Low Power

Oodl thinks that IoT should be low powered so that it has a minimum impact on our environment. This allows Oodl to deploy its sensors just about anywhere on their own long-life, rechargeable batteries.

03 / Multi

Oodl doesn’t believe in measuring just one thing when there are so many more insights to be gained by collecting more data. Oodl devices can have many sensors giving a fuller and richer representation of the digital twin.

04 / Machine
05 / Smart
06 / Analytics

The world is brimming with data, so Oodl uses Machine Learning to make sense of the world. Simply by taking the data that Oodl generates and combining this with other operational data, Oodl is able to take decisions and forecast the state of the digital twin.

The Smart Asset Tag, a way of tagging assets that allows it to be tracked, traced and managed through Oodl's dashboards. The smart bit is that the tag is intelligent, making available key data about the asset to operational staff when Oodl senses they are nearby.

Oodl contains an entire suite of reports, heat maps, dashboards and just about everything else needed to visualise and manipulate data to make the digital twin human readable. Combine this with APIs that mean data is made available where its most useful.



Smart City

Oodl works with the transport industry to deliver improved customer experiences while better managing operational costs. The digital twin ecosystem and IoT technology work together to enable the digitisation of legacy infrastructure and join together formerly siloed data sets. Oodl provides data that helps operators better maintain their assets and customers to make more informed travel decisions, especially during disruption.

The city is a big and complex place. You have to consider cars, buses, traffic signals, cycles, etc and of course, the people that use all of them. So how exactly do you ‘measure’ a city in order to make it a better place to be and to live? Oodl’s digital twin ecosystem allows the measurement of air quality, congestion, cycle usage etc and critically, offers insights to make positive changes.

Oodl understands that public confidence is going to be very important in the medium-term return to work post COVID-19 lockdown. Even before the pandemic there was some evidence to show that public transport was falling in use. Oodl aims to restore public confidence in public transport, working with facilities partners, by helping customers to understand exactly how clean the train, bus, etc is via a smartphone broadcast.


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